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A Sense of Place
from Minding A Sacred Place by Sunnie Empie
Photography by Hart W. Empie
"Must sell my beautiful pile of boulders near Carefree, Arizona," read the August 1974 advertisement in The Carefree Enterprise, a small community newsmagazine. The caption was an eye catcher to Hart W. (Bill) Empie, a
third-generation Arizonan who has an affinity for the high country of the Sonoran Desert. I share his enthusiasm for open spaces. Bill's Arizona beginnings are in his blood memory, and he longed to return. His father, Augustus W. Empie, was born in Arizona Territory before statehood, and Bill was born in Safford, Arizona. For him, the call of the desert was loud and clear."

"In the distance, we finally caught sight of the enormous outcrop of boulders thrusting upward from the relatively flat desert terrain. It was beautiful, but this was no mere 'pile of boulders.' The spectacular congregation of stone dominated the landscape with its majestic presence. An awesome sight and, certainly, far beyond our expectations as to what we would encounter on our desert adventure. The jumbled mass of stone covered nearly an acre of land and included some monoliths that towered as high as a four-story building."

"We stopped the car. Without a spoken word, Bill and I knew that we had found our special place."

Minding a Sacred PlaceMinding A Sacred Place is 210 pages, 10.08" w. x 12.32 h. x .97", with 150 four-color photographs, captions, bibliography, index, and Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Boulder House Publishers, 2001. The stunning jacket is matte finish with embossed varnished image and embossed lettering. ISBN 1-931025-03-7 $60

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