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Entering a Sacred Space
from Minding A Sacred Place by Sunnie Empie
Photography by Hart W. Empie
Summer Solstice sequential imagery by Hart W, Empie

The sacred place acts as "an inexhaustible source of power and sacredness and enables man, simply by entering it, to have a share in the power, to hold communion with the sacredness."
                    - Mircea Eliade, The Sacred and The Profane: The Nature of Religion

"It was mid-March, only a few months after we had moved into our Boulder House, when we first noticed the dazzling six-inch-wide dagger of sunlight stretching slowly across the polished concrete floor. The late afternoon sunlight entered through a narrow split between twenty-foot-high boulders that make up the west wall of our home. Each day the shaft of light on the floor lengthened, and then it climbed upward over a low granite boulder, moving slowly in a searching way toward a thirty-inch spiral carved in the stone. At 5:25 p.m., the light finally reached the petroglyph. Stone nodules at the edge of the spiral glistened like diamonds in the sunlight to signal the completion of the sundagger's journey. Then the sun vanished behind the boulder wall."

"We were astonished to witness the sun interact with the petroglyph, but even more staggering, this was happening on March 21 - the first day of spring.

Vulvaform petroglyphs "Some people see stones as silent sentinels. Some say wistfully, 'If only the rocks could talk.' A millennium ago, tapping sounds echoed among the cluster of boulders as an artisan wielded a hammerstone and created symbols in the granite to honor the life-giving force of Nature."

"When the sun penetrates a symbol or enters the cave, it is remarkable that a hole or entry has been created to receive the sun, a feature that appears to honor the procreative power of the sun. The sun enters the space, the womb of the earth, as well as the vulvaform to symbolize birth and regeneration."

Minding a Sacred PlaceMinding A Sacred Place is 210 pages, 10.08" w. x 12.32 h. x .97", with 150 four-color photographs, captions, bibliography, index, and Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Boulder House Publishers, 2001. The stunning jacket is matte finish with embossed varnished image and embossed lettering. ISBN 1-931025-03-7 $60

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