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Creating Natural Architecture
from Minding A Sacred Place by Sunnie Empie
Photography by Hart W. Empie
Before and After
"To mirror the forms found in Nature, not one wall is straight - rather they curve and undulate to create a compatible relationship with the boulders."

Architectural DIgest photo"A striking photo on the February 1983 cover of Architectural Digest shows a ray of sunlight entering our living space through a split in the boulders. The story about Charles Johnson and the Boulder House brought natural architecture aficionados from the four directions: Architecture students arrived from Germany, and an advertising agency in Japan recognized the aura of the boulders and sent a man to find the location."

"It is
a natural house with roots deep in the vernacular tradition, its purpose greater than we realized at that time."

"In essence, architecture created the stage for the discoveries that followed."

Minding a Sacred PlaceMinding A Sacred Place is 210 pages, 10.08" w. x 12.32 h. x .97", with 150 four-color photographs, captions, bibliography, index, and Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Boulder House Publishers, 2001. The stunning jacket is matte finish with embossed varnished image and embossed lettering. ISBN 1-931025-03-7 $60

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